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what are we doing?

International Scope

While our efforts are rooted deeply in Israel, they are by no means confined to its borders. Both The Tiffany Project and DANA Global are amplifying the regenerative agriculture and children’s education models in Israel and the UAE, with ambitious visions for expansion into African countries like Nigeria and Zimbabwe.


Seeds of Change (SOC) is a collaborative effort between The Tiffany Project, a US-based nonprofit, and DANA Global, an Abu Dhabi-based female-led venture builder. Our partnership, further strengthened by The Green Network in Israel. This global network of partnerships is crucial to our mission, creating a diverse educational tapestry that connects continents and cultures, fostering a border-transcending network of learning and growth.

Community Support

The success of Seeds of Change is a shining example of the strength found in global unity and generosity. Our initiative continues to flourish thanks to the steadfast support from our international community, transforming our vision into reality. Our motto, ‘By Planting the Seeds of Change today, we ensure a more sustainable future,’ is not just a phrase, but the core belief that drives us. Together, we create reality

Children's Education

Seeds of Change emphasizes fostering Climate Awareness, Nutritional Consciousness, Regenerative Agriculture, and the S.A.M.M. Program model in our education programs. We believe in empowering the next generation with knowledge and tools to make sustainable decisions.

We Are Part Of The Solution

We Are Part of the Solution champions the “Seeds of Change” mission, dedicated to empowering children. Embracing the transformative power of regeneration, our focus lies in utilizing regenerative agriculture as a catalyst for healing. By illustrating the synergy between the rejuvenation of our planet and the renewal of our minds and bodies, we inspire children to become the visionary leaders of tomorrow.

Shaping Resilient Futures

At Seeds of Change, we equip children with tools and a mindset to confidently address future challenges, focusing on regenerative principles and actionable solutions to the global climate crisis. Our unique curriculum weaves Science, Art, Music, and Mindfulness into lessons about land restoration and regenerative agriculture, fostering an understanding of the interconnectedness of global challenges and personal well-being.


In loving memory and honor of one of the brightest lights and most loving people Sam and I have ever known we present 
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